Subscribe to Compost Dropoff

Compost Dropoff subscribers receive a five-gallon Upper Valley Compost Company bucket for their compost, which can be exchanged for a clean, empty bucket once a week at any of the three Co-op locations:

Hanover Co-op: 45 South Park St., Hanover NH

Lebanon Co-op: 12 Centerra Parkway, Lebanon NH

White River Junction Co-op: 209 Maple St., White River Junction VT

All food scraps can be put in your compost bucket – including meat, dairy, bones, and shellfish shells. For more information, please check out our list of compostable and non-compostable items, or contact us directly.

After completing a signup, new subscribers should head to the Member Services desk at any of the three Co-op locations. Member Services will have a list of current subscribers, and will direct new subscribers to the shed where buckets are kept. Compost Dropoff subscribers are then able to exchange their bucket for a clean, empty bucket once a week during normal Co-op business hours.

The exchange may take place on any day of the week, but subscribers are only eligible to exchange their bucket one time per week. Subscribers are under no obligation to exchange the bucket every single week, but they are not permitted to exchange a bucket more frequently than once a week. Exchanges do not carry over—“unused” weeks do not count towards future exchanges.

New subscribers are charged a $5 refundable deposit for their bucket; subscribers who cancel the service and return their Upper Valley Compost Company bucket will have their deposit refunded to them.

Compost Dropoff subscription: $12.99 / 4 weeks

Subscriptions for Compost Dropoff are automatically billed to your credit card every four weeks.