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Minor Mendings

A little over a year ago, on July 18 2017, we launched our Curbside Compost subscription service in the Upper Valley. We’ve grown a lot in the last twelve months; our weekly food scrap diversion has ballooned from 200 lbs per week in August 2017 to more than 2,300 lbs per week in June 2018. Our subscribers have diverted more than 55,000 lbs of compostable food waste from the landfill– more than 20 tons!– and we’re on track to double that number before 2018 ends.
It’s been a pretty cool year. Along the way we’ve shared our story with the 14.8 million listeners of Marketplace, launched new services in Concord and New London, and inspired other compost collection companies to get started. We’re helping rewrite composting regulation in New Hampshire, paving the way for composting infrastructure investment and shifting the way New Hampshire and other states approach waste diversion. And we’ve heard from dozens of subscribers who feel excited and empowered to participate in the development of a sustainable, circular economy.
We’re so grateful to all of our subscribers and supporters, near and far– without you, we wouldn’t be here. We’re busy planning the moves we’ll make in our second year in business, and we look forward to continuing the important work, together, of reshaping household and community approaches to waste reduction and resource management, in the Upper Valley and beyond!